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Chloe’s second Glory Hole Video POV Camera, Scene #01


Boy do we have a special treat for you today. The blonde MILF teaching the 19 year old teen exactly how to suck good cock and swallow every drop of cum from these lucky strangers. Gina is a true professional when it comes to guiding Chloe, she really turns her into a cock sucking machine. The chemistry these 2 have is truly awesome. After their sexy interview Gina stands up and calls the boys back to the gloryhole. Chloe pulls off her top showing her all natural perky titties and Gina pulls down her dress showing her nice round titties, she takes off her high heels so you feet lovers get 2 sets of sexy feet today. The first cock pushes through and Chloe starts to suck his cock while Gina plays with her hair, pulling it back. Chloe is busy sucking and stroking and Gina plays with his balls. She pushes her head down on his hard dick. Gina licks his head while Chloe strokes him. Gina takes him deep down her throat and Chloe strokes and plays with her tits. Gina performs some hard ball sucking as Chloe continues to pleasure his penis. Gina takes over and he is ready to pop. She shows her how to suck the cum right out of him, draining every drop. They kiss and cum swap the first hot cum load. They both share and swallow his jizz. Cock 2 pushes through the hole already hard, Gina comments on how huge his dick is. Chloe gets right down on him, as she is sucking him Gina pulls off her jean shorts, showing her sexy thong panties. Gina pulls off her dress and guides her on how to deep throat. She pushes her head on his dick and tells her to go all the way, she does. Gina plays with her nice ass then takes over. She sucks and strokes him, also deepthroating him. Chloe pinches and sucks on her hard nipples. Gina sucks his balls while Chloe sucks him up and down. Gina guides his cock into her mouth and pushes her head on to him then Chloe does the same. He disappears down her throat. Gina strokes him fast as Chloe licks his head until he squirts his cum right into Chloe’s mouth. Gina jerks him until he is drained then kisses Chloe and takes his load into her mouth and swallows, yet another hot cum swap. Chloe stands up and Gina pulls off her panties, she tells her she has the prettiest bush she has ever seen. Gina takes cock number 3 into her mouth and Chloe squeezes and licks her tits. Gina got him nice and hard, then Chloe takes over stroking and sucking his hard dick. Gina plays with her, slapping her ass and sucking on her titties. Cock 4 reaches through the hole and feels Chloe’s ass and pussy. Gina pushes her head down on him, he goes deep down her throat. When he is ready to cum, she guides his cock on to her chest and he blasts his huge load. Gina licks every drop off her beautiful little titties, then they kiss and tongue each other deep, sharing his cum. She makes sure to clean her off good. Cock 4 pushes through the hole, Gina takes over and sucks his cock while Chloe strips off her panties. Chloe strokes him and Gina sucks fast and hard. Cock 5 reaches through and plays with Chloe’s nice soft boobs. They switch and Chloe takes charge of his dick while Gina plays with his ball sack. Gina then works her magic, sucking and jerking him fast, deep and hard until he is ready to pop. She guides his penis to her chest and he blasts her tits with his white cum shot. It’s Chloe’s turn to clean her off, she licks up every drop and they kiss and cum swap then swallow. Cock 5 pushes through and Chloe sucks his balls while Gina sucks him. Gina tells her how to suck his ball sack and she does a good job at that. Gina then tells her to suck his dick and pushes it into her mouth. As she deepthroats him, she tells him to fuck the wall, he fucks her face while Gina holds her still. He explodes his man juice into Chloe’s mouth, she strokes him until he is drained. She stands up and spits it into Gina’s mouth nice and slow. Their lips kiss, Gina blows bubbles with it before she swallows. Cock number 6 pushes through the hole and Gina takes charge, she deepthroats him and he grows rock hard in no time. Chloe starts sucking him and Gina grinds her pussy all over her ass, back and forth. They share his dick then Gina guides his cock all the way down her throat. Gina wants him in her mouth so she deepthroats him, she sucks him hard and fast. They switch and Chloe takes over, licking, sucking and stroking as Gina licks her ass. He is having a problem keeping it up, he keeps going soft. Gina continues to work on him while Chloe moves over to cock 7. As she is pleasuring him, Gina tells cock 6 to fuck her face. Their nice asses rub as the suck the 2 cocks. Cock 6 can’t cum so Gina moves over to cock 7 and helps Chloe please him. Gina licks his balls and Chloe slaps his dick all over Gina’s face. Gina takes charge, she plays with his super hard dick, deepthroating him while Chloe cups his balls. They switch positions, Gina plays with his balls and Chloe licks his head until he is ready to pop. He squirts his cum load into Chloe’s mouth, but then Gina moves over and takes his cum out of her mouth, into hers. Yet another sexy cum swap. Cock 8 pushes through the hole and they tell him how pretty his cock is. Gina takes him into her cum filled warm mouth, then Chloe takes over. Gina pulls her hair back as he grows big in her mouth. Gina starts to play with her nice round ass and cock 8 is ready to cum. Chloe takes the load into her mouth, draining him dry then swallows. Gina sees a little more cum on his head so she makes sure to clean him off. Cock 9 pushes through the hole and as Gina plays with his dick she mentions how hairy he is. Chloe then shows her big hairy pussy to the camera, spreading her legs and Gina can’t help but rub her fingernails all over her pussy hair. Gina shows her tight little pussy to the camera next. Gina goes down on his cock and he grows in her mouth as Chloe plays with her tits and hard nipples. Next she starts to rub Gina’s clit and pussy. Gina pulls hard on his ball sack and sucks him deep. Chloe sucks and plays with his balls as Gina blows him. He says he loves his balls pulled on so Chloe pulls as Gina sucks. Chloe puts him into her mouth, sucks and he is ready to cum. She takes the majority of his jizz into her mouth, but then Gina takes a squirt or two. They show their loads then swallow. Cock 10 pushes through and Gina admires him. Without hesitation she takes him deep down her throat and sucks away. He grows huge and she wants to share with Chloe. She takes him all the way down her throat, amazing! They share his cock and then they share a sexy kiss. Chloe pushes her head on to his big dick and she literally takes him all the way down to his balls. Gina is getting super horny and says that is the biggest cock she has ever had. She moans and groans as she strokes, sucks, licks and deepthroats him. Chloe takes over and starts to please him as Gina sucks on her titties. Next Gina strokes him as Chloe sucks his head, then Gina goes down and sucks his balls. He’s got 2 horny girls enjoying his man parts at the same time. Gina finishes him off and takes the entire load on to her tongue. She tells him she wants more more more, then she swallows. Chloe is already sucking cock 11 as Gina finishes him off. Gina reaches down and says how wet her pussy is so cock 11 wants to feel too. They both feel her soaking wet pussy at the same time. Gina fingers her as she sucks his dick. He doesn’t last long, she takes his load into her mouth and shows his huge cum shot on to her tongue. Number 12 pushes through the hole, Gina starts to blow him and Chloe sits with her legs spread. Gina rubs her pussy all over her leg. Chloe then helps get him off. She strokes while Gina sucks. She says she wants a lot of cum, she is ready for it. When he is ready to cum, Chloe strokes his cock as Gina opens her mouth and he explodes on her tongue. He fills her mouth up good, she shows his massive load and then Chloe tongues her tongue. Cock 13 pushes through and Chloe licks his shaft up and down. She takes Gina’s head and pushes it down on him. They take turns stroking, licking and sucking every inch of his penis and balls. He squirts his man juice all over Chloe’s awesome tits. Number 14 pushes through the hole, Gina takes him into her mouth as Chloe plays with her big boobs and hard nipples. Chloe rubs her naked sexy body all over Gina’s naked sexy body. Chloe rubs her pussy all over her ass as she pleasures his hard dick. Chloe gets out the 2 vibrators, using one on Gina and one on herself. Gina uses the vibrator on his balls as she still sucks him and Chloe continues to play with her pussy. Gina drains his cum and then has an orgasm herself.

Date: July 1, 2023

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