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Cali & Dakota: Two MILFs, one dick – Milfbundle


Cali Houston and Dakota Riley were friends before they hooked up in our studio, and it was no coincidence that they showed up in our studio together. They planned it that way. You see, they have a few things inmon: They’re both very horny, and they both love cock. We knew we had to get them together for a scene, and what better way than to turn them loose on a lucky stud for our first MILFTugs three-way. “Oh, I love sucking balls,” Cali (the blonde) says as she feasts on the dude’s nutsac. “Dakota, put your tits in his mouth,” she orders, then she goes back to sucking sac. Before long, the ladies are taking turns on the cock, Cali sucking rod while Dakota eats balls, then Dakota sucking while Cali eats. What’s interesting is that the girls aren’tpetitive. The only things they care about are enjoying themselves, pleasuring the dude and putting on a good show. They manage to do all three very nicely. Hey, we forgot to introduce the ladies! Okay. Cali is a 48-year-old entrepreneur who was born in Tennessee and lives in Ohio. She is engaged to be married. She’s a swinger. She has DD-cup tits. She’s 5’4″, 127 pounds. She’s a mom. She was a cheerleader in high school, which means she’s had that hot body for a long time. She loves getting her pussy eaten and likes men who can dance. And she obviously isn’t shy. Dakota is a 41-year-old pharmacy technician from Ohio. She has DD-cup tits, too. She’s a swinger. She enjoys cooking and antiquing. She’s 5’4″, 120 pounds. She says she has sex six times a week and enjoys “having a guy massage me and making me cum with a toy.” She likes cum. You know, male jack juice. Cali likes it, too. Aren’t they perfect together?

Date: May 1, 2023