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Blowbang With Kodi, Scene #01


This is not just Kodi’s first installment of GREET THE MEAT, it’s also the first scene of her FIRST SHOOT EVER! Certified fresh on the red carpet, Scotty starts her off with a sweet kiss before Kodi starts using her mouth for dirtier things. She gets all the Cocksmen’s dicks in her mouth, starting with Will’s. She is pretty little, so his hog in her tiny mouth is quite the juxtaposition. A talented girl, she makes it fit somehow. Kodi measures her arm against Will’s cock and they are basically the same size. Randy introduces Kodi to FUN FACTS before her boobies come out to play. Randy peels off her Daisy Dukes and goes down to CHECK THE OIL on her tight, shaved pussy. He gives her two thumbs up with his face still buried in her cute little mound. Next Will knocks on her left ‘innie’ nipple to get it to come out and play. With Eddie out on special ops this week, Will stands in to do the DICK TABLE with Kodi. Somehow she knows to keep her hands full while devouring Will’s cock down her throat while she has it in front of her. Scotty makes himself a table for her too before Kodi decides to show how much she likes sucking balls. She makes a meal of Randy’s nuts, then gets 100% naked on the carpet. That puts her in picture-perfect condition for her first ever COCKTOPUS. Scotty quickly volunteers to pick Kodi up and sweep her back to the pedestal. He nearly runs down the hallway with her, he is just so excited to get her FUCKED, FILLED, AND FED. He is not the only one. If you haven’t seen Kodi’s marathon length gangbang, get on it now! Take an intermission if you need, but watch it all. This little dynamo has enough energy to fuck all day and night. She even outlasts the batteries in one of the cameras. Don’t believe it? Watch and see! You might just be finishing this week’s extra long gangbang before we bring you another new one next week on GangbangCreampie!

Date: May 1, 2023

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